My JFK Conspiracy Theory

A gerontocracy is a society run by the old… that’s what the word means.. and the more I look into history and look up what are called conspiracy theories, I find myself drawn to this understanding of the world: it is the old that don’t want to give up power to the young.  The CIA, I think, is a group of old men who have no intention of giving up their stranglehold on the consciousness of the world. The youth, I’m pretty sure… must be the enemy to them.

(Allen Dulles seen here on President Kennedy’s left.)

I’m putting it together in terms of a personal enmity… murder, as the phrase goes, is an intimate crime… even on the level of state and government. That’s why I think JFK was killed, never mind his individual policies… he was a young man who wanted to shake things up in the world… now, nobody knows where his brain is. He was not an okay kid for the generals and Allen Dulles, who was director of the CIA at the time of the murder, to have around.